Legal Costs

Spending on legal fees varied wildly thoughout 92 suburban school districts in 2015.

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District Legal fees ($) Students Cost per
student ($)
Addison Elem. Dist. 415,233.594,2753.56
Antioch Elem. Dist. 34218,070.432,95773.75
Antioch HS Dist. 11758,626.802,76021.24
Aptakisic-Tripp Elem. Dist. 10235,209.362,12016.61
Arlington Heights Elem. Dist. 25137,685.695,43225.35
Barrington Unit Dist. 220334,729.908,87637.71
Batavia Unit Dist. 101125,257.416,15220.36
Benjamin Elem. Dist. 2518,495.4562329.69
Bensenville Elem. Dist. 266,479.482,16430.72
Big Hollow Elem. Dist. 3884,956.911,77547.86
Bloomingdale Elem. Dist. 1318,805.481,25614.97
Butler Elem. Dist. 5346,855.7149095.62
Carol Stream Elem. Dist. 9393,321.363,87924.06
Cary Elem. Dist. 2638,675.002,48715.55
Central Unit Dist. 301152,015.183,71540.92
Community Unit Dist. 300156,650.8320,9067.49
Crystal Lake Elem. Dist. 47174,622.437,70422.67
Crystal Lake HS Dist. 155265,910.726,59840.3
Des Plaines Elem. Dist. 62119,247.734,86724.5
Diamond Lake Elem. Dist. 76100,603.731,08792.55
DuPage HS Dist. 8869,993.464,06317.23
East Aurora Unit Dist. 13170,404.4614,4374.88
East Maine Elem. Dist. 6361,524.773,61017.04
Elgin Area Dist. U-461,877,408.1440,48746.37
Elk Grove Elem. Dist. 5954,472.897,0227.76
Emmons Elem. Dist. 3317,845.1030259.09
Fenton HS Dist. 10071,931.441,55346.32
Fox Lake Elem. Dist. 11422,869.5277829.4
Fox River Grove Elem. Dist. 33,894.004947.88
Fremont Elem. Dist. 7921,433.592,1579.94
Gavin Elem. Dist. 3727,944.0088131.72
Geneva Unit District 30452,429.085,8878.91
Glen Ellyn Elem. Dist. 4116,224.983,6454.45
Glen Ellyn Elem. Dist. 8960,202.292,01129.94
Glenbard HS Dist. 87213,510.398,29225.75
Grant HS Dist. 12428,594.671,88915.14
Grass Lake Elem. Dist. 3633,483.85161207.97
Grayslake Elem. Dist. 46100,410.243,92125.61
Grayslake HS Dist. 12760,839.063,03020.08
Gurnee Elem. Dist. 5616,936.002,1088.03
Hawthorn Elem. Dist. 78200,490.674,28046.84
Huntley Unit Dist. 15893,657.239,4289.93
Indian Prairie Unit Dist. 204343,290.1328,48412.05
Itasca Elem. Dist. 1053,787.0098654.55
Kaneland Unit Dist. 30286,714.164,60018.85
Keeneyville Elem. Dist. 2056,532.131,48538.07
Kildeer-Countryside Elem. Dist. 96117,653.143,14937.36
Lake Park HS Dist. 108137,138.002,65451.67
Lake Villa Elem. Dist. 41127,113.342,74746.27
Lake Zurich Unit Dist. 95173,563.475,76930.09
Leyden HS Dist. 212212,737.263,34063.69
Libertyville Elem. Dist. 7012,479.002,5944.81
Libertyville HS Dist. 128116,152.353,32534.93
Lincolnshire-Prairie View Elem. Dist. 10362,618.561,69736.9
Lisle Unit Dist. 20230,365.811,55319.55
Lombard Elem. Dist. 4495,813.073,24829.5
Maine Township HS Dist. 207189,553.506,26030.28
Marquardt Elem. Dist. 15148,996.042,68355.53
McHenry Elem. Dist. 1543,728.404,5839.54
McHenry HS Dist. 15672,807.752,37830.62
Medinah Elem. Dist. 1135,876.0963756.32
Millburn Elem. Dist. 2429,162.911,36121.43
Mount Prospect Elem. Dist. 5770,477.772,28430.86
Mundelein Elem. Dist. 7567,947.591,68340.37
Mundelein HS Dist. 12067,627.202,12631.81
Naperville Unit Dist. 203390,383.1216,79123.25
Northwest Suburban HS Dist. 214350,324.5011,99129.22
Oak Grove Elem. Dist. 6870,548.0081786.35
Palatine Elem. Dist. 15167,906.2912,74613.17
Palatine-Schaumburg HS Dist. 211263,382.8312,20321.58
Prospect Heights Elem. Dist. 2335,032.251,57122.3
Queen Bee Elem. Dist. 1618,044.521,9719.16
River Trails Elem. Dist. 2658,571.781,48539.44
Rondout Elem. Dist. 7210,105.8414868.28
Roselle Elem. Dist. 127,511.9769610.79
Rosemont Elem. Dist. 7811,523.0024946.28
Round Lake Unit Dist. 116145,596.907,24920.09
Salt Creek Elem. Dist. 4813,667.3549927.39
Schaumburg Elem. Dist. 54298,831.1814,48220.63
St. Charles Unit Dist. 303180,859.5113,14513.76
Stevenson HS Dist. 125121,280.853,91630.97
Villa Park Elem. Dist. 45113,479.363,57531.74
Warren Township HS Dist. 121149,224.564,36234.21
Wauconda Unit Dist. 118207,520.364,73343.85
West Aurora Unit Dist. 129286,548.3712,56022.81
West Chicago Elem. Dist. 3398,545.874,51321.84
West Chicago HS Dist. 9450,654.451,98025.58
Wheaton Warrenville Unit Dist. 200211,583.6413,01016.26
Wheeling Elem. Dist. 2154,138.716,9207.82
Winfield Elem. Dist. 349,891.9233429.62
Wood Dale Elem. Dist. 728,548.081,23023.21
Woodland Elem. Dist. 50309,207.336,04251.18

Source: Analysis of Illinois State Board of Education records