How would your school district fare?

Gov. Bruce Rauner is releasing numbers to show how much money each Illinois school district would get next year under his proposed spending plan.

DistrictCountyFY16 total state aid ($)FY17 projected state aid ($)Difference ($)
City Of Chicago School Dist 299Cook967,347,488892,935,984-74,411,505
Indian Prairie C U Sch Dist 204DuPage27,352,20626,379,141-973,066
East St Louis School Dist 189St Clair45,333,73744,453,031-880,705
Woodland C C School Dist 50Lake7,182,9246,400,849-782,075
North Chicago School Dist 187Lake21,925,71821,247,241-678,477
Cahokia Comm Unit Sch Dist 187St Clair26,404,12025,739,274-664,846
Lincoln Way Comm H S Dist 210Will5,145,2884,514,078-631,210
Addison School Dist 4DuPage7,832,6027,203,280-629,323
Granite City C U School Dist 9Madison19,600,38918,999,740-600,649
Berwyn North School Dist 98Cook20,296,67419,708,131-588,543
Canton Union School Dist 66Fulton6,675,2426,146,810-528,432
Posen-Robbins El Sch Dist 143-5Cook12,007,94511,502,304-505,641
Elmwood Park C U Sch Dist 401Cook9,362,5788,915,647-446,931
Thornton Twp H S Dist 205Cook27,087,65926,672,061-415,597
Skokie School Dist 69Cook2,664,1882,248,757-415,431
Harvey School District 152Cook16,454,52016,061,958-392,562
Herscher Comm Unit Sch Dist 2Kankakee2,065,8441,678,201-387,643
Lake Villa C C School Dist 41Lake5,459,0415,075,689-383,352
Dolton School District 149Cook18,007,18917,636,999-370,191
Dolton School District 148Cook16,013,01115,644,997-368,013
Mannheim School Dist 83Cook4,340,8023,981,119-359,684
Prairie-Hills Elem Sch Dist 144Cook13,947,09813,592,824-354,274
Gen Geo Patton School Dist 133Cook1,877,2211,542,034-335,187
United Cusd 304Warren1,095,713763,110-332,604
Belvidere C U Sch Dist 100Boone27,240,68126,909,446-331,235
South Holland School Dist 151Cook7,136,0746,826,545-309,528
Edwardsville C U School Dist 7Madison6,167,3385,863,949-303,389
Porta Comm Unit School Dist 202Menard1,663,5671,385,541-278,025
Troy Comm Cons Sch Dist 30CWill3,015,7272,741,565-274,162
Effingham Comm Unit Sch Dist 40Effingham4,916,1644,649,071-267,093
Streator Elem School Dist 44Lasalle8,278,1438,022,899-255,244
New Lenox School Dist 122Will2,864,8032,621,595-243,208
La Grange School Dist 102Cook1,726,3141,487,642-238,672
Kankakee School Dist 111Kankakee28,534,10128,301,227-232,874
Berkeley School Dist 87Cook10,512,18710,288,133-224,054
West CentralHenderson1,572,4341,357,244-215,190
Pekin Comm H S Dist 303Tazewell2,317,7492,119,706-198,043
Ford Heights School District 169Cook1,421,8121,224,806-197,006
Lincoln Comm H S Dist 404Logan1,652,9561,461,919-191,037
Wolf Branch Sch Dist 113St Clair940,643751,580-189,063
Tri Valley C U School District 3McLean1,543,2491,354,813-188,436
West PrairieMcDonough1,107,172919,680-187,492
Rochelle Comm Cons Dist 231Ogle4,082,5923,902,737-179,855
Okaw Valley Cusd 302Moultrie810,056632,108-177,948
Lemont-Bromberek Csd 113ACook790,005615,909-174,097
Trico Comm Unit Sch District 176Jackson2,529,3362,355,877-173,458
Sherrard Comm Unit Sch Dist 200Rock Island4,861,3594,690,250-171,110
Limestone Comm High Sch Dist 310Peoria1,172,7621,003,441-169,321
R O W V A Comm Unit Sch Dist 208Knox1,277,3141,108,140-169,174
Spoon River Valley C U S Dist 4Fulton556,236387,987-168,249
Midland Community Unit Dist 7Marshall840,177672,398-167,779
Community Cons Sch Dist 180DuPage1,356,9521,189,795-167,157
Safe Sch-Tazewell RoeTazewell303,778138,901-164,877
Stark County C U Sch Dist 100Stark1,196,1491,033,324-162,825
Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview-89Cook34,057,99633,898,759-159,237
West CarrollCarroll3,298,4103,139,571-158,838
Hillsboro Comm Unit Sch Dist 3Montgomery3,891,9813,734,691-157,290
Fieldcrest Cusd #6Woodford2,174,6992,017,943-156,757
Alt Sch-Iroquois/Kankakee RoeKankakee622,754467,920-154,834
Central A & M C U Dist #21Shelby2,078,1381,923,431-154,707
East Maine School Dist 63Cook4,819,1864,664,603-154,583
Maroa Forsyth C U Sch Dist 2Macon1,244,5021,090,206-154,296
Waterloo Comm Unit Sch Dist 5Monroe3,468,6973,316,443-152,254
Bureau Valley Cusd 340Bureau2,386,2542,234,140-152,114
La Salle-Peru Twp H S D 120Lasalle1,144,7181,000,412-144,306
East Richland C U Sch Dist 1Richland7,990,9387,850,538-140,400
Country Club Hills Sch Dist 160Cook5,858,3465,720,868-137,477
Southeastern C U Sch Dist 337Hancock1,661,1791,533,583-127,597
Edgar County C U Dist 6Edgar470,072348,440-121,632
Alwood Comm Unit Sch Dist 225Henry358,980237,894-121,086
N Pekin & Marquette Hght S D 102Tazewell2,098,0091,978,125-119,885
Rockridge C U School Dist 300Rock Island874,945755,648-119,296
Illini Central C U Sch Dist 189Mason1,763,1181,649,393-113,725
Heritage Comm Unit Sch Dist 8Champaign423,652313,129-110,522
Cerro Gordo C U School Dist 100Piatt1,195,9171,086,477-109,440
Bensenville School District 2DuPage2,843,8902,735,128-108,762
Brimfield C U School Dist 309Peoria993,849888,343-105,506
Illini Bluffs Cu Sch Dist 327Peoria902,910798,067-104,844
Astoria Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Fulton1,516,2761,411,550-104,726
Martinsville C U Sch Dist 3CClark1,744,3331,642,446-101,887
Dixon Unit School Dist 170Lee4,328,9434,228,045-100,899
Kansas Comm Unit School Dist 3Edgar478,322378,533-99,789
Fairfield Comm H S Dist 225Wayne1,783,5741,685,099-98,475
Ottawa Twp H S Dist 140Lasalle1,502,6811,405,369-97,311
Olympia C U School Dist 16McLean2,312,5592,215,277-97,282
Creve Coeur School District 76Tazewell3,190,8273,095,449-95,378
Princeton Elem School Dist 115Bureau1,179,5721,084,343-95,229
Grant Park C U School Dist 6Kankakee580,070485,197-94,873
Roanoke Benson C U S Dist 60Woodford716,995622,958-94,037
Pope Co Comm Unit Dist 1Pope1,887,3661,796,198-91,168
Georgetown-Ridge Farm C U D 4Vermilion4,839,5214,748,856-90,665
Beecher City C U School Dist 20Effingham432,085341,585-90,499
North Mac Cusd 34Macoupin5,068,0994,977,862-90,238
Il Valley Central Unit Dist 321Peoria3,734,9213,644,683-90,238
Donovan Comm Unit School Dist 3Iroquois1,075,069985,413-89,656
Safe Sch-Kane RoeKane897,021807,708-89,313
Lowpoint-Washburn C U S Dist 21Woodford828,294739,285-89,009
Waverly C U School Dist 6Morgan815,974727,384-88,589
V I T Comm Unit Sch District 2Fulton576,727488,766-87,961
Comm Cons School Dist 168Cook9,867,1229,779,266-87,856
Safe Sch-Will RoeWill541,464453,724-87,740
Alsip-Hazlgrn-Oaklwn S Dist 126Cook1,706,2001,618,752-87,448
Midwest Central Cusd 191Mason3,311,5443,226,361-85,183
Tri Point C U Sch Dist 6-JLivingston457,814373,781-84,033
Wabash C U Sch Dist 348Wabash4,895,4284,811,409-84,019
North Greene Unit School Dist 3Greene3,702,4653,618,838-83,627
Egyptian Comm Unit Sch Dist 5Alexander2,618,0232,536,336-81,688
Mount Vernon School Dist 80Jefferson6,203,2236,123,656-79,567
Orangeville C U School Dist 203Stephenson950,005872,591-77,414
South Central Comm Unit Dist 401Marion2,381,6952,304,755-76,940
Carrollton C U School Dist 1Greene1,874,4381,797,618-76,820
North Clay C U School District 25Clay2,803,8262,727,818-76,008
Taylorville C U Sch Dist 3Christian7,045,4726,969,636-75,836
Community Unit Sch Dist 2Lasalle589,048514,461-74,587
Wethersfield C U Sch Dist 230Henry1,921,9841,851,395-70,589
Sesser-Valier Comm Unit S D 196Franklin3,123,4013,054,287-69,113
Greenfield C U School Dist 10Greene1,108,1271,039,363-68,764
Peoria Hghts C U Sch Dist 325Peoria1,019,431951,467-67,964
Knoxville C U School Dist 202Knox3,690,1073,622,712-67,395
La Moille C U School Dist 303Bureau403,110335,946-67,164
Elverado C U School Dist 196Jackson2,356,1992,289,689-66,510
Lexington C U Sch Dist 7McLean660,133595,317-64,817
Brown County C U Sch Dist 1Brown1,982,7231,918,093-64,630
Mendota Twp H S Dist 280Lasalle1,229,5521,164,950-64,602
Community Unit School Dist 4Adams2,289,6332,225,233-64,400
Panhandle Comm Unit Sch Dist 2Montgomery1,029,362965,908-63,454
Hartsburg Emden C U S Dist 21Logan248,059184,714-63,345
Oakland C U School Dist 5Coles696,511633,874-62,637
Nokomis Comm Unit Sch Dist 22Montgomery2,457,6572,395,158-62,499
Whiteside School Dist 115St Clair2,552,1642,489,685-62,479
East Alton-Wood River C H S D 14Madison861,997800,234-61,763
Meridian C U Sch District 101Pulaski3,466,2873,404,807-61,480
Braceville School Dist 75Grundy695,925635,533-60,391
Griggsville-Perry C U Sch Dist 4Pike1,425,7451,365,620-60,125
Lena Winslow C U Sch Dist 202Stephenson2,011,7091,953,410-58,299
Dallas Esd 327Hancock772,362714,256-58,106
Wayne City C U School Dist 100Wayne2,107,7662,049,731-58,035
Nashville C C Sch District 49Washington752,820694,796-58,023
Colona School District 190Henry1,715,3291,657,835-57,494
Forest Park School Dist 91Cook1,015,970959,071-56,899
Millstadt C C Sch Dist 160St Clair711,794658,097-53,697
Spring Garden Cons Schl Dist 178Jefferson1,052,873999,647-53,226
Triopia C U School District 27Morgan862,673809,938-52,734
Community Cons Sch Dist 204Perry144,61994,464-50,155
W Harvey-Dixmoor Pub Sch Dist147Cook8,652,2528,602,138-50,114
Virginia C U Sch Dist 64Cass608,364558,348-50,016
Alt Sch-Franklin/Williamson RoeFranklin541,170491,172-49,997
Havana Comm Unit School Dist 126Mason2,202,6372,152,781-49,855
Danville C C School Dist 118Vermilion30,081,06730,031,552-49,514
United Twp Hs District 30Rock Island3,045,3872,996,880-48,507
Libertyville School Dist 70Lake1,014,539966,342-48,197
St Joseph Ogden C H S Dist 305Champaign804,723756,804-47,919
Western Cusd 12Pike1,851,6601,804,635-47,025
Calhoun Comm Unit Sch Dist 40Calhoun1,434,5571,388,028-46,530
Shiloh Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Edgar449,514403,080-46,433
St Anne C C School Dist 256Kankakee1,016,861970,900-45,960
Maercker School District 60DuPage851,888806,177-45,711
La Harpe Cusd 347Hancock378,535332,950-45,585
Tonica Comm Cons Sch Dist 79Lasalle490,428445,195-45,233
Bushnell Prairie City Cus D 170McDonough2,897,6222,853,339-44,283
Cobden Sch Unit Dist 17Union2,885,3542,841,157-44,197
Comm Unit Sch Dist 3 Fulton CtyFulton1,478,4751,434,347-44,128
Stewardson-Strasburg Cu Dist 5AShelby1,117,5861,073,802-43,785
Akin Comm Cons School Dist 91Franklin170,009126,356-43,652
Annawan Comm Unit Sch Dist 226Henry728,390684,741-43,649
Polo Comm Unit School Dist 222Ogle1,314,0781,270,619-43,459
Odin C U School Dist 722Marion1,446,7941,404,429-42,365
Warrensburg-Latham C U Dist 11Macon1,753,5361,712,337-41,199
Giant City C C School Dist 130Jackson523,821483,083-40,739
Pearl City C U Sch Dist 200Stephenson1,444,3731,404,272-40,100
Irvington C C Sch District 11Washington184,586144,611-39,975
Mcclellan C C School Dist 12Jefferson223,480183,518-39,962
Pinckneyville Sch Dist 50Perry1,932,0601,892,131-39,930
Safe Sch-La Salle RoeLasalle310,965271,378-39,587
Edwards County C U Sch Dist 1Edwards3,554,5773,515,084-39,494
Venice Comm Unit School Dist 3Madison542,813503,440-39,373
Jonesboro C C School Dist 43Union2,091,4572,052,137-39,320
Shawnee C U Sch Dist 84Union649,134610,288-38,846
Cairo Unit School District 1Alexander3,123,6873,084,906-38,781
Dwight Common School Dist 232Livingston579,604542,356-37,248
Germantown Hills School Dist 69Woodford1,724,4271,687,239-37,188
Warren Comm Unit School Dist 205Jo Daviess836,035799,199-36,836
Ramsey Comm Unit Sch Dist 204Fayette2,176,6602,140,712-35,947
Camp Point C U School Dist 3Adams2,846,7892,811,536-35,253
Hiawatha C U School Dist 426Dekalb1,281,8231,246,622-35,201
Gillespie Comm Unit Sch Dist 7Macoupin6,450,6236,415,619-35,004
New Simpson Hill Cons Dist 32Johnson1,014,657979,671-34,986
Liberty Comm Unit School Dist 2Adams1,893,3571,859,450-33,907
Alt Sch-Monroe/Randolph RoeMonroe455,108421,905-33,203
Brussels Comm Unit School Dist 42Calhoun244,512212,519-31,993
Silvis School District 34Rock Island1,960,8801,929,925-30,955
Safe Sch-Adams/Pike RoeAdams475,018444,484-30,534
Morris Comm High Sch Dist 101Grundy1,182,1021,152,323-29,779
Alt Sch-Macon/Piatt RoeMacon707,638677,924-29,714
Ashton Comm Unit Sch Dist 275Lee488,381458,739-29,642
Alop-De Witt/Livingston/McleanMcLean747,223717,636-29,586
Chadwick-Milledgeville Cusd 399Carroll1,179,0701,149,580-29,490
Kaneland C U School Dist 302Kane5,101,7335,072,959-28,774
Safe Sch-Peoria RoePeoria193,565165,580-27,985
Gardner Comm Cons Sch Dist 72CGrundy764,286736,795-27,491
Marquardt School District 15DuPage8,094,1498,066,906-27,243
Geff C C School District 14Wayne622,493595,259-27,234
Meridian Comm Unit Sch Dist 15Macon2,360,8972,333,686-27,211
Iuka Comm Cons School Dist 7Marion964,061937,651-26,410
Eureka C U Dist 140Woodford3,198,5443,172,433-26,112
Bluford Unit Dist 318Jefferson1,734,4351,709,457-24,977
Oak Grove School Dist 68Peoria1,042,7891,018,228-24,562
Safe Sch-Intermediate Service CenCook405,038380,602-24,436
Thompsonville Cusd 174Franklin1,447,1121,422,990-24,122
Buncombe Cons School Dist 43Johnson258,273234,211-24,061
Morrisonville C U Sch Dist 1Christian658,769634,724-24,045
Des Plaines C C Sch Dist 62Cook5,105,8945,081,908-23,986
Flora Comm Unit Sch Dist 35Clay5,229,5085,206,151-23,357
Oblong C U School Dist 4Crawford2,010,1571,987,203-22,953
Ewing Northern C C District 115Franklin810,209787,358-22,851
Peotone C U Sch Dist 207UWill827,858805,701-22,158
Ludlow C C School Dist 142Champaign381,973359,933-22,040
Palestine C U School Dist 3Crawford1,098,6001,076,760-21,840
Safe Sch-Lake RoeLake440,264418,478-21,785
St Elmo C U School Dist 202Fayette1,687,6681,666,710-20,958
Leland Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Lasalle218,979198,566-20,413
Safe Sch-Bureau/Henry/Stark RoeHenry65,15044,975-20,175
Safe Sch-Hancock/Mc Donough RoeMcDonough113,39493,376-20,018
Salt Creek School Dist 48DuPage308,669288,723-19,945
Franklin C U School District 1Morgan373,505353,617-19,887
Hutsonville C U School Dist 1Crawford1,058,1641,038,840-19,324
Bement Comm Unit School Dist 5Piatt303,104283,827-19,277
Edinburg C U Sch Dist 4Christian490,306471,427-18,879
Fox Lake Grade School Dist 114Lake738,201719,350-18,851
Rockdale School District 84Will501,895483,137-18,758
Dwight Twp H S Dist 230Livingston554,336535,770-18,566
Wood River-Hartford Elem S D 15Madison1,390,2411,372,503-17,738
Cornell C C Sch Dist 426Livingston206,484188,776-17,708
Safe Sch-Calhoun/Greene/Jersy/MacMacoupin248,642231,115-17,528
Peoria School District 150Peoria47,592,24747,574,766-17,481
Safe Sch-Mc Henry RoeMcHenry127,885110,448-17,437
Patoka Comm Unit Sch Dist 100Marion318,105300,832-17,273
Carthage Esd 317Hancock846,900829,893-17,007
Gallatin C U School District 7Gallatin2,792,4952,775,868-16,627
Lindop School District 92Cook830,272813,673-16,599
Lincolnwood School Dist 74Cook640,616624,287-16,329
Tri City Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Sangamon930,790914,500-16,290
Pleasant Plains C U School Dist 8Sangamon1,395,1271,379,391-15,736
Mendota C C School Dist 289Lasalle2,787,5322,771,802-15,730
Lewistown School Dist 97Fulton2,260,6172,244,925-15,692
New Holland-Middletown E Dist 88Logan115,944100,511-15,433
Norris City-Omaha-Enfield Cusd 3White2,941,1622,925,904-15,258
Alt Sch-Boone/Winnebago RoeWinnebago162,934148,386-14,548
Waltonville C U School Dist 1Jefferson1,180,3771,166,036-14,341
Alt Sch-Edwd/Gltn/Hdin/Pop/Slne/Saline174,892160,624-14,268
Amboy Comm Unit School Dist 272Lee553,085538,831-14,254
Safe Sch-Lee/Ogle RoeLee217,658203,457-14,201
Grayville C U School Dist 1White1,384,7731,370,666-14,107
Malden Comm Cons Sch Dist 84Bureau81,26067,467-13,793
New Hope C C School Dist 6Wayne790,527777,227-13,300
Desoto Cons School District 86Jackson820,897807,688-13,209
Hampton School District 29Rock Island550,323537,198-13,125
Safe Sch-Iroquois/Kankakee RoeKankakee214,123201,070-13,053
Teutopolis C U School Dist 50Effingham2,856,6882,843,737-12,952
Alop-Jackson/Perry RoeJackson65,38652,623-12,762
Illini West H S Dist 307Hancock980,142967,455-12,687
Safe Sch-Intermediate Service CenCook579,517567,170-12,347
Pleasant Hill School Dist 69Peoria1,278,8151,266,704-12,111
Villa Park School Dist 45DuPage3,507,4423,496,049-11,393
South Pekin School Dist 137Tazewell1,286,9331,275,841-11,092
Safe Sch-Jackson/Perry RoeJackson95,42884,442-10,986
Grant Comm Cons Sch Dist 110St Clair1,371,9271,361,371-10,556
Field Comm Cons School Dist 3Jefferson1,137,4961,127,050-10,446
Putnam Co C U School Dist 535Putnam485,495475,110-10,385
Miller Twp Cc Sch Dist 210Lasalle114,744104,491-10,253
Safe Sch-Rock Island RoeRock Island95,89986,278-9,621
Rankin Community School Dist 98Tazewell299,063290,377-8,686
Kinnikinnick C C Sch Dist 131Winnebago3,436,7753,428,161-8,614
Reed Custer C U Sch Dist 255UWill719,066710,539-8,526
Midlothian School Dist 143Cook8,020,8838,012,954-7,929
Bunker Hill C U School Dist 8Macoupin2,486,8562,479,239-7,617
Princeville C U Sch Dist 326Peoria1,606,8911,599,306-7,585
Safe Sch-Vermilion RoeVermilion101,08393,927-7,156
Armstrong-Ellis Cons Sch Dist 61Vermilion56,81849,963-6,855
Nettle Creek C C Sch Dist 24CGrundy28,81822,188-6,630
Safe Sch-Clay/Cwford/Jsper/LwrnceRichland84,94278,507-6,436
Grand Ridge C C School Dist 95Lasalle135,599129,290-6,309
Proviso Twp H S Dist 209Cook11,997,29011,991,019-6,271
Sangamon Valley Cusd 9Macon1,226,6011,220,645-5,955
Joppa-Maple Grove Unit Dist 38Massac310,850305,064-5,786
Alt Sch-Grundy/Kendall RoeWill321,627315,863-5,764
Bradford Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Stark187,064181,382-5,681
Ashley C C Sch District 15Washington474,900469,237-5,663
Galva Comm Unit Sch Dist 224Henry983,050977,492-5,558
Sullivan C U School Dist 300Moultrie3,255,2903,249,769-5,521
Alt Sch-Tazewell RoeTazewell31,27926,495-4,784
Eswood C C District 269Ogle69,28865,131-4,158
Pembroke C C School District 259Kankakee1,886,9251,882,929-3,996
Rochelle Twp High Sch Dist 212Ogle1,549,8551,545,891-3,964
Eastland Comm Unit Sch Dist 308Carroll399,684395,748-3,936
Westchester School Dist 92-5Cook762,316758,735-3,581
Madison Comm Unit Sch Dist 12Madison4,364,7034,361,274-3,429
Ohio Comm Cons School Dist 17Bureau83,70780,509-3,198
Alop-Will RoeWill105,147102,187-2,960
Willow Grove School District 46Clinton738,109735,252-2,857
Safe Sch-Champaign/Ford RoeChampaign557,192554,381-2,811
Coulterville Unit School Dist 1Randolph1,008,0211,005,409-2,612
Opdyke-Belle-Rive Cc Sch Dist 5Jefferson798,761796,204-2,557
Safe Sch-St Clair RoeSt Clair274,620272,296-2,324
Alt Sch-Will RoeWill118,224116,261-1,963
Niles Elem School Dist 71Cook306,728305,070-1,658
Channahon School District 17Will341,420339,768-1,651
Safe Sch-Edwd/Gltn/Hdin/Pop/Slne/Saline144,143142,573-1,570
Alop-Lee/Ogle RoeLee325,691324,307-1,384
Sandridge School District 172Cook2,098,9002,097,706-1,194
Alt Sch-Calhoun/Greene/Jersy/MacoMacoupin52,89851,706-1,192
Clay City Comm Unit Dist 10Clay1,087,4811,086,364-1,117
Grass Lake School Dist 36Lake65,98364,871-1,112
Safe Sch-Knox RoePiatt147,029145,999-1,030
Cypress School Dist 64Johnson568,577567,627-950
Safe Sch-Clinton/Marion/WashingtoClinton157,868157,014-855
South Fork School District 14Christian1,587,1271,586,381-746
Damiansville School District 62Clinton227,628226,941-687
Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Esd 2CGrundy187,134186,727-407
Rooks Creek C C Sch Dist 425Livingston23,78623,393-393
Windsor Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Shelby1,117,4531,117,441-12
Armstrong Twp Hs Dist 225Vermilion21,20721,492284
Creston Comm Cons School Dist 161Ogle82,34782,745398
Hollis Cons School Dist 328Peoria24,51925,032513
Safe Sch-Du Page RoeDuPage262,603263,117514
Safe Sch-Franklin/Williamson RoeFranklin99,846100,413567
Lisbon Comm Cons Sch Dist 90Kendall64,67065,307637
Marengo Comm Hs Dist 154McHenry744,961745,620659
Nashville Comm H S District 99Washington705,176706,153977
Tuscola C U School Dist 301Douglas989,753990,737984
Rutland C C School Dist 230Lasalle41,41342,4601,047
Thornton School District 154Cook195,350196,7131,363
Shirland C C School Dist 134Winnebago70,90172,3791,477
Allen Otter Creek Ccsd 65Lasalle34,41935,9851,566
Rondout School Dist 72Lake34,14335,7381,595
Scales Mound C U Sch District 211Jo Daviess66,84368,4701,627
Dimmick C C School Dist 175Lasalle30,15931,8401,682
Neoga Comm Unit School Dist 3Cumberland2,025,3342,027,1341,800
Highland Comm Unit Sch Dist 5Madison6,032,8916,034,7301,839
Alt Sch-Caroll/Jodaviess/StephensJo Daviess295,237297,1391,902
Bannockburn School Dist 106Lake75,01277,5062,494
Nauvoo-Colusa C U S Dist 325Hancock208,985211,5332,548
Villa Grove C U Sch Dist 302Douglas2,031,9362,034,4882,552
Steward Elem School Dist 220Lee32,67635,3902,714
Richland School Dist 88AWill661,034664,0062,972
Somonauk C U School Dist 432Dekalb1,259,0001,261,9912,991
Robein School District 85Tazewell182,056185,3983,342
Prairie Grove C Sch Dist 46McHenry357,351360,7133,362
Limestone Walters C C S Dist 316Peoria78,53282,1493,616
Union School Dist 81Will87,83791,5533,716
Benjamin School District 25DuPage296,121299,8763,755
Warsaw Comm Unit Sch District 316Hancock1,383,4241,387,5494,125
East Prairie School Dist 73Cook380,965385,3824,417
Saunemin C Consol Sch Dist 438Livingston515,746520,1944,448
Lisle C U Sch Dist 202DuPage619,650624,1004,450
Emmons School District 33Lake116,123120,7364,613
Waltham C C School Dist 185Lasalle109,179113,8674,687
Newark Comm H S Dist 18Kendall81,67486,3834,709
Arcola C U School District 306Douglas2,406,8012,411,6444,843
Alt Sch-Sangamon RoeSangamon313,733318,6784,944
Spring Lake C C Sch Dist 606Tazewell218,678223,7235,045
Red Hill C U School Dist 10Lawrence4,245,4974,250,6305,133
Alt Sch-Clinton/Marion/WashingtonClinton325,102330,4265,324
Kenilworth School Dist 38Cook104,197109,6965,499
Bethel School District 82Jefferson527,836533,3685,533
Safe Sch-Carroll/Jo Daviess/StephJo Daviess191,503197,0935,590
Lee Center C U School Dist 271Lee206,237211,8485,611
Prairieview-Ogden Ccsd 197Champaign110,486116,2275,740
Seneca Comm Cons Sch Dist 170Lasalle198,891204,7035,812
Skokie Fairview School Dist 72Cook284,079290,0065,928
Seneca Twp H S Dist 160Lasalle161,516167,4515,935
Mt Pulaski Comm Unit Dist 23Logan363,940370,0806,140
Sunset Ridge School Dist 29Cook106,132112,3096,177
Iroquois Co C U School Dist 9Iroquois4,200,0574,206,2596,202
Alt Sch-Jackson/Perry RoeJackson52,48558,7426,257
Freeburg C C School Dist 70St Clair1,053,6741,060,0106,336
Princeton High Sch Dist 500Bureau295,263301,6366,372
Lostant Comm Unit Sch Dist 425Lasalle118,321124,7816,460
Alop-Boone/Winnebago RoeWinnebago973,599980,3866,788
Safe Sch-Sangamon RoeSangamon109,271116,2616,990
Jersey C U Sch Dist 100Jersey6,010,2366,017,3107,074
Alt Sch-Clk/Cls/Cmbn/Dglas/Edgr/MColes435,080442,1597,079
Winfield School District 34DuPage124,756131,8967,140
Safe Sch-De Kalb RoeDekalb182,020189,1997,180
Fremont School Dist 79Lake871,902879,2697,367
Ohio Community H S Dist 505Bureau15,48322,9107,427
Montmorency C C Sch Dist 145Whiteside812,800820,2547,454
Riley C C School Dist 18McHenry145,315152,8167,500
Palos Heights School Dist 128Cook280,056287,7177,661
Morrison Comm Unit Sch Dist 6Whiteside2,665,2212,672,8917,670
Paris Comm Unit School Dist 4Edgar1,314,1511,321,8507,699
South Wilmington Cons Sch Dist 74Grundy201,626209,9778,351
Southwestern C U Sch Dist 9Macoupin5,331,1745,339,6888,513
Williamsfield C U S Dist 210Knox137,799146,4268,627
Kell Consolidated School Dist 2Marion416,984425,6788,694
Newark Comm Cons Sch Dist 66Kendall104,408113,1328,724
Orion Comm Unit School Dist 223Henry1,821,8791,830,6238,744
Aviston School District 21Clinton996,4631,005,2398,776
Ridgeview Comm Unit Sch Dist 19McLean340,230349,4229,192
Pana Comm Unit School Dist 8Christian5,452,9685,462,3099,341
North Wayne C U School Dist 200Wayne1,630,3301,640,0049,674
Skokie School Dist 73-5Cook732,648742,4419,793
Pleasant Hill C U Sch Dist 3Pike832,589842,5119,922
Chester-East Lincoln Ccs Dist 61Logan192,958203,12410,166
Riverview C C School District 2Woodford330,881341,27810,397
Blue Ridge Comm Unit Sch Dist 18Dewitt551,426561,92910,503
Morton Grove School Dist 70Cook457,342467,97510,633
Oak Grove School Dist 68Lake173,910184,57610,666
Wallace C C School Dist 195Lasalle150,907161,57410,667
Carrier Mills-Stonefort Cusd 2Saline2,232,4552,243,41310,958
Center Cass School Dist 66DuPage283,538294,54111,003
Henry-Senachwine Cusd 5Marshall416,163427,19211,029
Safe Sch-Madison RoeMadison302,365314,08811,724
Erie Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Whiteside209,319221,06111,742
Fairfield Public School Dist 112Wayne2,804,5802,816,60212,022
Brownstown C U Sch Dist 201Fayette1,612,6801,624,82712,147
Itasca School Dist 10DuPage276,515288,99712,481
Roselle School District 12DuPage339,234351,96212,728
Tremont Comm Unit Dist 702Tazewell1,971,4411,984,77713,336
Gower School Dist 62DuPage268,387281,91213,525
Chester Comm Unit Sch Dist 139Randolph3,390,1103,403,88913,779
Grand Prairie C C Sch Dist 6Jefferson341,551355,33513,783
Safe Sch-Bond/Effingham/Fayette RFayette361,801375,89014,089
River Trails School Dist 26Cook818,112832,70714,594
Golf Elem School Dist 67Cook331,915346,59614,681
Tamaroa School Dist 5Perry585,250600,09814,848
Lagrange Highlands Sch Dist 106Cook263,608278,66515,057
Greenview C U Sch Dist 200Menard501,637516,79815,162
Lake Bluff Elem School Dist 65Lake187,977203,15815,181
Gardner S Wilmington Ths Dist 73Grundy501,524516,81815,294
Woodland C U S Dist 5Livingston915,570931,12515,555
Mokena School Dist 159Will681,854697,41815,563
Du Page High School Dist 88DuPage3,314,8053,330,46715,662
Safe Sch-Clk/Cls/Cmbn/Dglas/Edgr/Coles377,175392,84015,665
Glencoe School Dist 35Cook257,536273,53816,002
Alt Sch-Bond/Effingham/Fayette RoFayette399,972416,09216,120
Kings Consolidated Sch Dist 144Ogle83,33499,58816,254
Butler School District 53DuPage100,935117,26216,327
Rosemont Elem School Dist 78Cook184,859201,21316,354
Fisher C U School District 1Champaign1,088,6381,105,01116,373
Farrington C C School Dist 99Jefferson297,819314,29916,480
Smithton C C School Dist 130St Clair985,7011,002,18416,483
Deland-Weldon C U Sch Dist 57Piatt122,729139,32416,594
Chaney-Monge Sch District 88Will1,844,1301,861,01116,881
Pleasantdale School Dist 107Cook192,446209,60617,161
Franklin Park School Dist 84Cook1,754,7071,771,88017,173
Farmington Central C U S D 265Peoria3,484,2853,501,48517,200
Safe Sch-Grundy/Kendall RoeGrundy799,413816,70317,289
Safe Sch-De Witt/Livingston/McleaMcLean538,519555,91117,392
Avoca School Dist 37Cook165,632183,04717,415
Cherry School Dist 92Bureau104,783122,21817,436
Forrestville Valley C U S D 221Ogle1,849,8441,867,51717,673
Western Springs School Dist 101Cook531,143548,96717,824
Byron Comm Unit School Dist 226Ogle423,170441,03217,861
Elwood C C Sch Dist 203Will196,333214,53018,198
St Rose School District 14-15Clinton281,015299,26718,252
El Paso-Gridley Cusd 11Woodford2,076,4632,094,87018,407
West Lincoln-Broadwell E S D #92Logan69,58388,00718,424
Monticello C U School Dist 25Piatt587,806606,36718,561
Casey-Westfield C U Sch Dist 4CClark3,398,6343,417,74919,115
Deer Park C C School Dist 82Lasalle60,46179,63519,173
Pawnee Comm Unit School Dist 11Sangamon303,610322,80219,192
Earlville Comm Unit Sch Dist 9Lasalle948,921968,60619,685
Alt Sch-Adams/Pike Roe (Was 46)Morgan271,203290,89719,694
St Libory Cons Sch Dist 30St Clair210,947231,25420,306
Valmeyer Comm Unit Sch Dist 3Monroe846,965867,39220,427
St George C C School Dist 258Kankakee1,136,2661,156,87320,607
Northbrook/Glenview Sch Dist 30Cook252,577273,46320,885
Lake Forest School Dist 67Lake384,209405,18920,980
Marengo-Union Elem Cons Dist 165McHenry1,221,1901,242,51221,322
Alt Sch-Hancock/Mc Donough RoeMcDonough229,380250,87921,499
Prairie Du Rocher C C S D 134Randolph685,086707,29922,212
Winnetka School Dist 36Cook351,405374,07722,672
Skokie School Dist 68Cook1,498,2261,520,93222,706
Century Comm Unit Sch Dist 100Pulaski1,980,2742,002,98422,709
Thomasboro C C School Dist 130Champaign544,027566,75222,724
Nippersink School District 2McHenry583,696607,35423,658
Robinson C U School Dist 2Crawford1,284,1621,307,84223,680
Ladd Comm Cons School Dist 94Bureau398,757422,65523,898
Pontiac-W Holliday Sch Dist 105St Clair443,593467,94324,350
Central Community H S Dist 71Clinton272,893297,45824,566
Alt Sch-Peoria RoePeoria319,212343,88824,676
Woodlawn Unit Dist 209Jefferson1,549,8011,574,90225,101
Galena Unit School Dist 120Jo Daviess413,006438,23525,229
Safe Sch-Monroe/Randolph RoeMonroe84,766110,14225,376
Leroy Community Unit Sch Dist 2McLean1,384,4321,409,83125,398
Safe Sch-Macon/Piatt RoeMacon183,963209,57625,612
Goreville Comm Unit Dist 1Johnson1,649,3271,675,06225,734
Lincolnshire-Prairieview S D 103Lake354,461380,41025,950
Heyworth C U Sch Dist 4McLean2,828,0852,854,16426,080
Pinckneyville Comm H S Dist 101Perry1,230,8631,257,41326,550
Oakdale C C School District 1Washington251,924279,16027,236
Norwood Elem School Dist 63Peoria1,302,9371,330,49327,556
Raccoon Cons School Dist 1Marion753,367781,68028,313
Lombard School District 44DuPage1,923,3121,951,75228,440
Lemont Twp H S Dist 210Cook527,462555,99928,538
Northbrook Elem School Dist 27Cook258,936287,63928,703
Galatia C U School Dist 1Saline1,297,0591,326,29329,234
Chester N H School Dist 122Randolph126,357155,66629,308
Hinckley Big Rock C U S D 429Dekalb347,050377,31030,261
Shelbyville C U School Dist 4Shelby3,683,5563,713,84130,285
Geneseo Comm Unit Sch Dist 228Henry4,339,5074,369,83830,332
Wood Dale School District 7DuPage1,086,2341,116,67430,440
Allendale C C School Dist 17Wabash606,736637,93731,201
Will County School District 92Will695,464726,97631,512
Peru Elem School District 124Lasalle1,281,0701,312,68531,615
Pontiac Twp H S Dist 90Livingston1,795,0131,826,67731,664
Komarek School Dist 94Cook225,474257,28531,811
Arthur C U School Dist 305Piatt1,546,6121,578,43431,822
Ridgewood Comm H S Dist 234Cook547,250579,62132,371
Medinah School District 11DuPage468,530501,10132,571
Community Unit School Dist 16Sangamon479,072511,66832,597
Lake Forest Comm H S District 115Lake350,298382,90132,602
Altamont Comm Unit Sch Dist 10Effingham2,797,8942,830,61832,724
Indian Creek Comm Unit Dist 425Dekalb370,150403,05432,904
Community High Sch District 94DuPage1,752,8131,785,81132,998
Red Bud C U School Dist 132Randolph511,414545,20133,787
Harrisburg C U School Dist 3Saline9,169,5509,203,80934,259
Christopher Unit 99Franklin4,349,0854,383,80034,715
St Anne Comm H S Dist 302Kankakee1,078,3451,113,34935,005
Woodridge School Dist 68DuPage2,695,8832,730,96035,077
Jasper Comm Cons School Dist 17Wayne835,101870,41535,315
Fenton Comm H S Dist 100DuPage1,278,6661,314,06335,397
Cissna Park Comm Unit Sch Dist 6Iroquois634,898670,60535,707
Abingdon - Avon Cusd 276Knox3,094,5663,130,41735,850
River Forest School Dist 90Cook468,014503,90535,891
Cowden-Herrick Cud 3AShelby2,039,4212,075,58136,160
Carbondale Comm H S District 165Jackson1,044,0961,080,33436,238
Zeigler-Royalton C U S Dist 188Franklin3,508,8873,545,46736,580
Northbrook School Dist 28Cook363,333400,35037,017
Germantown School District 60Clinton581,155618,38837,233
Scott-Morgan C U School Dist 2Scott748,591786,28837,697
Salt Fork Cud 512Vermilion2,237,7792,275,48637,708
New Athens C U School Dist 60St Clair890,863928,89238,028
Norridge School Dist 80Cook767,714805,75038,036
Lick Creek C C Sch District 16Union326,972365,79838,826
Mulberry Grove C U Sch Dist 1Bond1,674,4371,713,48839,052
Meredosia-Chambersburg Cusd 11Morgan216,681256,17339,492
West Northfield School Dist 31Cook369,502409,84340,341
Lincoln Elem School Dist 27Logan5,192,5185,233,19740,679
Salem Comm H S Dist 600Marion2,455,3942,496,22040,826
Pennoyer School Dist 79Cook308,450349,70541,255
Albers School District 63Clinton525,348566,64941,301
Metamora Twp H S Dist 122Woodford1,739,1231,780,85541,732
Marseilles Elem School Dist 150Lasalle2,243,7582,285,91842,160
Safe Sch-Intermediate Service CenCook964,5861,006,75942,173
Summersville School Dist 79Jefferson1,018,4341,060,99542,561
Westville C U School Dist 2Vermilion6,138,2946,181,50343,209
Burnham School District 154-5Cook1,026,4371,069,65143,214
High Mount School Dist 116St Clair1,629,5221,672,88343,361
Glen Ellyn School District 41DuPage1,457,2251,501,79944,575
Du Quoin C U School District 300Perry6,475,7346,520,84745,113
Deerfield School Dist 109Lake618,556663,88445,328
Cass School Dist 63DuPage282,198327,65545,457
Bartonville School Dist 66Peoria511,652557,33145,679
Bloomingdale School District 13DuPage499,331546,31546,984
Argenta-Oreana Comm Unit Sch D 1Macon1,618,1111,666,07247,961
Marshall C U School Dist 2CClark4,844,0094,892,41448,405
East Coloma - Nelson Cesd 20Whiteside615,930665,28549,354
Central School Dist 104St Clair448,426498,31849,892
New Trier Twp H S Dist 203Cook876,843927,27450,431
North Shore Sd 112Lake1,207,8201,259,04251,222
Winchester C U Sch Dist 1Scott2,252,4142,303,72951,315
Coal City C U School District 1Grundy676,609728,03151,422
Payson Comm Unit School Dist 1Adams1,568,9351,620,45851,523
Dalzell School District 98Bureau172,350224,35952,009
Gavin School Dist 37Lake1,637,9931,690,13252,140
Manteno Comm Unit Sch Dist 5Kankakee4,087,7674,141,28653,519
Elem School District 159Cook2,391,3202,444,90153,581
Round Lake Area Schs - Dist 116Lake42,563,98542,617,77653,791
Gifford C C School Dist 188Champaign149,855204,74554,890
Calumet Public Schools Dist 132Cook7,559,4247,614,41654,992
Odell Comm Cons School Dist 435Livingston359,910416,47456,563
Dongola Sch Unit Dist 66Union1,317,6501,374,47656,826
Monroe School Dist 70Peoria589,869646,73156,862
Summit Hill School Dist 161Will1,436,3461,494,08757,741
Crab Orchard C U Sch Dist 3Williamson1,751,3561,809,26157,904
Fairmont School District 89Will1,123,7541,182,13458,380
District 50 SchoolsTazewell2,930,2062,988,79358,587
Rock Falls Elementary Sch Dist 13Whiteside5,782,8985,842,08759,189
Richmond-Burton Comm H Sc D 157McHenry1,052,1051,111,40059,295
Depue Unit School Dist 103Bureau2,439,0382,498,51359,475
Anna C C Sch Dist 37Union2,713,7182,774,78261,063
Lebanon Comm Unit Sch Dist 9St Clair1,351,3841,412,69861,314
Oakwood Comm Unit Dist #76Vermilion3,351,2023,412,53161,329
Prospect Heights School Dist 23Cook884,348945,68061,332
Breese School District 12Clinton870,604931,97661,373
Union Ridge School Dist 86Cook581,597643,20961,612
Mercer County Sd 404Mercer3,055,0453,116,94361,899
Gurnee School Dist 56Lake1,628,5331,690,75962,225
Pleasant Valley Sch Dist 62Peoria2,534,3732,597,86963,496
Sandoval C U School Dist 501Marion2,453,9892,517,82063,831
Unity Point C C School Dist 140Jackson2,387,5162,452,60665,090
Delavan Comm Unit Dist 703Tazewell817,932883,71265,781
Hinsdale Twp H S Dist 86DuPage1,129,8521,195,70265,850
Flanagan-Cornell Unit 74Livingston559,452626,27566,823
Harrison School District 36McHenry1,004,1251,072,23168,106
North Wamac School District 186Clinton796,585865,15968,574
Clinton C U School Dist 15Dewitt1,411,8801,480,59968,719
River Ridge C U Sch Dist 210Jo Daviess244,192312,94368,750
Salem School Dist 111Marion3,953,5584,022,99369,435
Elmwood C U School District 322Peoria1,396,5371,466,11269,575
East Peoria Comm H S Dist 309Tazewell814,208884,01269,805
Riverside School Dist 96Cook786,998857,48070,482
Paxton-Buckley-Loda Cu Dist 10Ford3,421,9053,492,82270,918
Niles Twp Comm High Sch Dist 219Cook2,920,3002,991,36271,062
Hardin Co Comm Unit Dist 1Hardin2,591,1382,662,60271,463
West Washington Co C U Dist 10Washington1,976,7262,048,21271,486
Lake Park Comm H S Dist 108DuPage1,302,0281,374,09672,067
Lincoln Elem School Dist 156Cook6,458,7176,531,24472,527
Metamora C C Sch Dist 1Woodford1,437,3701,510,59573,225
Tinley Park Comm Sch Dist 146Cook1,444,5081,517,96173,453
Glen Ellyn C C School Dist 89DuPage785,234859,55874,324
Pikeland C U Sch Dist 10Pike4,284,4834,358,84274,360
Oak Park & River Forest Dist 200Cook1,351,1901,425,65574,465
Hoopeston Area C U Sch Dist 11Vermilion5,823,5815,898,81575,235
Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Cusd 5Ford2,162,0432,237,33575,293
Potomac C U Sch Dist 10Vermilion748,777824,11675,339
Johnsburg C U School Dist 12McHenry2,212,6832,288,07375,390
Prairie Hill C C Sch Dist 133Winnebago1,785,0751,860,65675,582
Downers Grove Grade Sch Dist 58DuPage1,332,3421,408,42376,081
Brooklyn Unit District 188St Clair771,679848,32976,650
Mundelein Cons High Sch Dist 120Lake1,259,1661,336,35177,185
Lawrence Co C U District 20Lawrence5,026,3315,104,19677,866
Comm Cons Sch Dist 59Cook7,455,4037,533,53478,131
Keeneyville School District 20DuPage1,623,7341,702,16778,433
Mount Prospect School Dist 57Cook853,485932,18978,704
Darien School Dist 61DuPage1,116,9911,195,77978,788
Durand C U Sch Dist 322Winnebago968,3701,047,64379,274
Evanston Twp H S Dist 202Cook1,686,3321,765,89079,558
Signal Hill Sch Dist 181St Clair1,201,8321,281,47079,638
Hillside School Dist 93Cook407,803488,27480,471
Columbia Comm Unit Sch Dist 4Monroe2,487,7082,569,74182,032
Pontiac C C School Dist 429Livingston3,392,7143,474,76582,050
Alt Sch-Clay/Cwford/Jsper/Lwrnce/Richland130,889214,16583,276
East Peoria School District 86Tazewell1,543,0241,626,42983,405
University Of Illinois Lab SchoolChampaign1,806,4121,890,22083,809
Frankfort C C Sch Dist 157CWill908,687993,93785,250
Arlington Heights Sch Dist 25Cook2,278,0822,363,97085,888
Reavis Twp H S Dist 220Cook1,903,7671,989,77386,006
Oglesby Elem Sch Dist 125Lasalle1,689,3131,775,66086,347
Diamond Lake School Dist 76Lake1,204,2211,290,88786,666
St Joseph C C School Dist 169Champaign2,204,7792,292,45887,678
A C Central Cusd 262Cass1,154,8171,242,55087,733
Athens Comm Unit Sch Dist 213Menard2,660,3842,748,20387,819
Alden Hebron School Dist 19McHenry325,068413,66588,598
Rossville-Alvin Cu Sch Dist 7Vermilion1,461,2771,552,01490,737
Palos Comm Cons School Dist 118Cook782,886873,76890,882
Eldorado Comm Unit District 4Saline5,479,4955,573,14193,646
Central Stickney Sch Dist 110Cook732,441826,27693,835
Lockport School Dist 91Will634,758729,38994,632
Laraway C C School Dist 70CWill770,965866,89795,932
Aptakisic-Tripp C C S Dist 102Lake724,914821,28296,368
Rhodes School Dist 84-5Cook1,159,9711,257,31097,339
Momence Comm Unit Sch Dist 1Kankakee3,790,1843,888,13297,948
Homer Comm Cons Sch Dist 33CWill1,543,9901,642,80898,818
Mount Olive C U School Dist 5Macoupin1,843,1401,942,39599,255
River Bend Comm Unit Dist 2Whiteside2,142,9992,242,40499,404
Geneva Comm Unit Sch Dist 304Kane2,300,2842,400,706100,422
Fox River Grove Cons S D 3McHenry742,638843,591100,954
Centralia H S Dist 200Marion3,516,7993,618,214101,415
Freeburg Comm H S Dist 77St Clair762,701864,606101,905
Lasalle Elem School Dist 122Lasalle4,542,7794,645,554102,775
Beecher C U Sch Dist 200UWill1,308,0411,411,356103,315
Lyons Twp H S Dist 204Cook1,612,4231,716,373103,949
Kildeer Countryside C C S Dist 96Lake1,073,1321,177,395104,263
East Dubuque Unit Sch Dist 119Jo Daviess847,194953,117105,923
Vienna H S District 133Johnson1,218,7821,325,076106,294
Libertyville Comm H Sch Dist 128Lake1,100,7611,207,234106,473
Iroquois West C U S Dist 10Iroquois3,418,3413,525,313106,971
Mt Vernon Twp H S Dist 201Jefferson3,672,5333,781,819109,286
Bradley School Dist 61Kankakee4,575,6874,685,504109,817
Bartelso School District 57Clinton285,878396,031110,153
Genoa Kingston C U S Dist 424Dekalb5,728,3925,840,302111,909
Township High School Dist 113Lake822,797935,376112,578
Saratoga Comm Cons S Dist 60CGrundy642,733755,623112,889
Bismarck Henning C U School DistVermilion2,300,2432,413,858113,615
Rock Falls Twp H S Dist 301Whiteside2,195,1452,309,120113,975
Vienna School Dist 55Johnson1,586,6651,700,972114,306
Milford Area Public Schl Dist 124Iroquois1,411,0981,526,156115,058
Roxana Comm Unit School Dist 1Madison1,365,4721,482,946117,474
Adlai E Stevenson Dist 125Lake1,443,3831,561,330117,947
Park Ridge C C School Dist 64Cook1,572,9241,690,918117,995
Community Consolidated S D 93DuPage2,261,2232,380,166118,943
Lake Zurich C U Sch Dist 95Lake2,134,2532,254,614120,361
Steger School District 194Cook5,251,7795,374,182122,403
Bethalto C U School Dist 8Madison8,756,1918,881,226125,035
Lockport Twp Hs Dist 205Will1,771,6471,896,821125,174
Taft School District 90Will649,491776,287126,796
Hinsdale C C School Dist 181DuPage814,587942,085127,498
South Beloit C U Sch Dist 320Winnebago3,574,2433,702,764128,521
Community High School Dist 99DuPage2,192,1972,321,310129,112
Prairie Central C U School Dist 8Livingston4,981,3625,114,728133,366
Belleville Twp Hs Dist 201St Clair11,527,45611,660,867133,412
Evergreen Park Comm Hi Sch D 231Cook1,018,0521,152,971134,919
Winnebago C U Sch Dist 323Winnebago3,586,0853,724,055137,970
Riverdale C U School Dist 100Rock Island1,645,9591,784,659138,700
Morris School District 54Grundy2,191,0922,330,416139,324
Marissa C U Sch Dist 40St Clair2,331,5142,472,519141,005
Pekin Public School Dist 108Tazewell7,843,0287,984,198141,170
Cumberland C U School Dist 77Cumberland3,862,5004,004,273141,773
Central Comm Unit School Dist 4Iroquois2,837,8962,980,925143,030
Ottawa Elem School Dist 141Lasalle4,883,3935,026,973143,580
Orland School District 135Cook2,200,0732,344,427144,354
Carbondale Elem Sch Dist 95Jackson2,372,7232,518,548145,825
Rome Comm Cons School Dist 2Jefferson1,220,3581,366,981146,622
Dakota Comm Unit Sch Dist 201Stephenson2,038,3342,185,011146,677
Bellwood School Dist 88Cook13,025,05713,172,147147,090
Sandwich C U School Dist 430Dekalb4,775,6144,924,272148,658
Litchfield C U School Dist 12Montgomery4,853,0265,001,865148,839
Selmaville C C Sch Dist 10Marion553,115702,196149,081
Northwestern C U Sch Dist 2Macoupin1,263,8961,413,683149,786
Westmont C U School Dist 201DuPage628,040778,362150,322
Wilmette School Dist 39Cook1,160,1031,310,705150,603
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Cusd3Whiteside2,257,5032,408,418150,915
Summit School Dist 104Cook8,105,7068,258,798153,092
Meridian C U Sch Dist 223Ogle5,466,6785,620,735154,057
La Grange School Dist 105 (South)Cook724,270879,493155,223
East Alton School District 13Madison2,891,2783,046,736155,459
Pecatonica C U Sch Dist 321Winnebago2,270,4092,426,518156,109
River Grove School Dist 85-5Cook1,660,2281,816,660156,432
Morton C U School District 709Tazewell1,187,7911,344,737156,946
Vandalia C U Sch Dist 203Fayette5,701,0065,858,000156,994
Hoover-Schrum Memorial Sd 157Cook3,568,0643,726,885158,822
Willow Springs School Dist 108Cook1,002,0791,162,409160,331
Spring Valley C C Sch Dist 99Bureau2,996,5023,158,450161,948
Evanston C C School Dist 65Cook4,427,9904,590,776162,786
Rantoul Township H S Dist 193Champaign3,003,1963,166,986163,790
Northfield Twp High Sch Dist 225Cook1,648,3671,812,319163,953
O Fallon Twp High Sch Dist 203St Clair5,012,1015,176,719164,618
Carlinville C U School Dist 1Macoupin3,876,8104,042,082165,272
Carbon Cliff-Barstow Sch Dist 36Rock Island1,744,0241,909,604165,580
Dieterich Comm Unit Sch Dist 30Effingham1,685,4081,852,041166,632
Glenview C C School Dist 34Cook2,042,1632,209,580167,417
Frankfort Comm Unit Sch Dist 168Franklin9,234,1609,403,678169,518
Evergreen Pk Elem Sch Dist 124Cook1,695,0551,870,006174,951
Leyden Comm H S Dist 212Cook3,206,0843,382,310176,226
Atwood Heights District 125Cook2,019,6962,197,713178,017
Hall High Sch Dist 502Bureau930,6751,109,917179,242
Glenbard Twp H S Dist 87DuPage4,562,5084,742,638180,129
Dupo Comm Unit Sch District 196St Clair4,696,0564,877,930181,875
Sparta C U School Dist 140Randolph4,423,2294,607,717184,488
Dunlap C U School Dist 323Peoria1,742,0041,927,469185,465
Hamilton C C School Dist 328Hancock1,178,1051,363,896185,791
Batavia Unit School Dist 101Kane2,803,1782,993,639190,461
Deer Creek-Mackinaw Cusd 701Tazewell2,861,6493,053,689192,040
Winthrop Harbor School Dist 1Lake935,4801,127,597192,118
Wheeling C C School Dist 21Cook7,889,3828,082,486193,104
Millburn C C School Dist 24Lake2,841,1703,036,096194,927
Paris-Union School Dist 95Edgar5,929,1426,125,059195,916
Cambridge C U Sch Dist 227Henry1,023,5651,219,886196,321
Barrington C U School Dist 220Lake2,918,7943,125,389206,595
Calumet City School District 155Cook7,290,2537,498,081207,828
Carlyle C U School District 1Clinton2,645,8432,853,826207,983
Bourbonnais School Dist 53Kankakee4,581,7564,790,367208,611
Carmi-White County C U S Dist 5White4,226,8344,435,586208,753
Tolono C U School Dist 7Champaign4,785,0094,993,917208,909
Benton Cons High School Dist 103Franklin2,237,0602,446,630209,571
Shiloh Village School Dist 85St Clair1,452,5851,665,015212,430
Central City School Dist 133Marion1,225,2931,437,730212,437
Ridgeland School District 122Cook4,117,2324,331,462214,230
Valley View Cusd #365UWill34,102,42234,317,151214,729
Brookwood School Dist 167Cook4,755,9634,972,007216,044
Williamsville C U School Dist 15Sangamon3,702,2263,919,687217,461
Illinois State University Lab SchMcLean5,616,2765,834,038217,763
Maine Township H S Dist 207Cook3,424,8673,644,543219,676
Oregon C U School Dist-220Ogle2,626,4522,850,608224,156
Herrin C U Sch Dist 4Williamson10,785,89811,010,978225,080
Sunnybrook School District 171Cook3,955,4584,182,319226,860
Beardstown C U Sch Dist 15Cass7,402,5377,630,423227,886
Cons High School District 230Cook4,073,8574,302,029228,172
Steeleville C U Sch Dist 138Randolph1,249,4561,479,054229,597
Elmhurst School Dist 205DuPage3,178,4463,409,929231,484
Safe Sch-Boone/Winnebago RoeWinnebago766,190998,927232,736
Murphysboro C U Sch Dist 186Jackson8,512,7688,751,244238,476
Alop-Du Page RoeDuPage3,185,2253,423,948238,723
Hawthorn C C School Dist 73Lake1,887,2942,127,870240,576
Streator Twp H S Dist 40Lasalle3,158,8043,399,848241,044
Plano Comm Unit School Dist 88Kendall8,722,6008,977,664255,064
Bloom Twp High Sch Dist 206Cook13,748,94514,010,239261,294
Cary C C School Dist 26McHenry1,593,9451,860,645266,701
Benton Comm Cons Sch Dist 47Franklin4,810,7205,079,157268,437
Anna Jonesboro Comm H S Dist 81Union1,512,3531,787,934275,580
Centralia School Dist 135Marion7,107,9367,385,126277,190
Belle Valley School Dist 119St Clair3,898,0554,176,259278,204
Schaumburg C C School Dist 54Cook8,612,9098,899,707286,798
Washington School Dist 52Tazewell2,279,5522,566,807287,255
Hazel Crest School Dist 152-5Cook5,093,4725,384,274290,802
Staunton Comm Unit Sch Dist 6Macoupin3,606,9313,901,913294,982
Riverton C U School Dist 14Sangamon4,759,9785,056,203296,225
Johnston City C U Sch Dist 1Williamson4,797,2385,094,504297,266
St Charles C U School Dist 303Kane5,254,2055,555,275301,070
Mattoon C U School Dist 2Coles11,204,74211,510,105305,363
Kewanee Comm Unit Sch Dist 229Henry9,648,1029,954,359306,257
Wilmington C U Sch Dist 209UWill1,768,2202,075,748307,528
Community Unit School Dist 200DuPage6,506,2206,826,314320,095
Mchenry Comm H S Dist 156McHenry3,695,3834,016,942321,559
Bloomington Sch Dist 87McLean5,878,9066,201,188322,282
Wesclin C U School District 3Clinton3,496,2083,818,891322,683
Hononegah Comm H S Dist 207Winnebago4,410,6294,733,719323,091
Palatine C C School Dist 15Cook9,413,9719,737,520323,549
Mahomet-Seymour C U Sch Dist 3Champaign8,365,7678,690,351324,584
Rich Twp H S District 227Cook12,693,83313,019,289325,457
Park Forest School Dist 163Cook11,672,81812,001,807328,989
Galesburg C U School Dist 205Knox15,308,97215,638,364329,392
Urbana School Dist 116Champaign7,355,9117,685,879329,968
Rockton Sch Dist 140Winnebago3,556,0353,890,514334,479
Chicago Ridge School Dist 127-5Cook6,490,0376,826,822336,785
Stockton C U School Dist 206Jo Daviess924,9351,267,935343,000
Matteson Elem School Dist 162Cook9,685,97310,029,429343,456
Township High School Dist 214Cook6,135,1916,482,573347,382
Township H S Dist 211Cook6,312,9076,660,641347,734
Mundelein Elem School Dist 75Lake2,915,6483,263,842348,194
Mclean County Unit Dist No 5McLean15,240,95315,591,244350,290
Oak Park Elem School Dist 97Cook8,433,9868,797,208363,223
Marion Comm Unit Sch Dist 2Williamson8,638,1309,013,787375,657
Naperville C U Dist 203DuPage6,358,4756,740,461381,986
Harmony Emge School Dist 175St Clair1,564,7331,947,375382,641
Queen Bee School District 16DuPage5,238,5625,621,963383,400
Brookfield School Dist 95Cook1,383,3241,774,715391,391
East Moline School District 37Rock Island8,212,6318,607,060394,429
Sterling C U Dist 5Whiteside9,369,7159,766,065396,350
Bradley Bourbonnais C Hs D 307Kankakee4,226,3004,625,846399,546
Massac Unit District #1Massac8,545,1108,951,728406,619
Moline Unit School District 40Rock Island15,271,65515,678,481406,825
Auburn Comm Unit School Dist 10Sangamon3,797,3564,210,133412,777
North Boone C U Sch Dist 200Boone5,646,3876,059,215412,829
Hamilton Co C U School Dist 10Hamilton4,607,5805,022,170414,590
Riverside Brookfield Twp Dist 208Cook924,2251,342,279418,054
Crystal Lake C C Sch Dist 47McHenry8,391,0158,809,698418,683
Central School District 51Tazewell1,748,0602,170,704422,644
Rochester Comm Unit Sch Dist 3ASangamon5,738,0576,164,769426,713
South Holland School Dist 150Cook1,591,7402,019,531427,791
Minooka Comm H S District 111Grundy3,484,1533,912,584428,432
J S Morton H S District 201Cook40,406,85440,836,468429,613
Bond Co C U School Dist 2Bond5,687,7136,118,420430,706
Mt Zion Comm Unit Sch Dist 3Macon5,859,8496,291,335431,487
Macomb Comm Unit Sch Dist 185McDonough4,304,6574,746,798442,141
Triad Comm Unit School Dist 2Madison7,661,6278,109,052447,425
Carterville C U Sch Dist 5Williamson7,374,4907,822,329447,839
Manhattan School Dist 114Will2,335,8622,784,882449,020
Rock Island School District 41Rock Island22,119,21922,569,354450,135
Freeport School Dist 145Stephenson17,056,90617,507,071450,164
Jasper County Comm Unit Dist 1Jasper1,362,5501,818,861456,311
West Chicago School Dist 33DuPage15,419,39215,882,204462,812
Washington Comm H S Dist 308Tazewell1,907,0442,371,163464,119
Joliet Twp Hs Dist 204Will7,848,2048,319,135470,931
Oak Lawn Comm H S Dist 229Cook2,221,4262,698,518477,092
Champaign Comm Unit Sch Dist 4Champaign9,229,9139,719,253489,340
North Palos School Dist 117Cook6,992,2877,484,049491,762
Argo Comm H S Dist 217Cook4,590,9155,082,837491,922
Rantoul City School Dist 137Champaign9,634,83310,138,764503,932
Chicago Heights School Dist 170Cook20,542,37221,052,168509,796
Alop-Kane RoeKane492,0421,040,230548,188
Jacksonville School Dist 117Morgan8,033,7528,591,018557,266
Arbor Park School District 145Cook4,120,7134,697,984577,272
Charleston C U School Dist 1Coles6,160,7376,746,365585,629
Worth School District 127Cook3,694,1194,284,559590,440
Aurora West Unit School Dist 129Kane40,178,64840,769,211590,563
Burbank School District 111Cook7,026,2137,632,099605,885
Decatur School District 61Macon42,448,45943,073,431624,972
Forest Ridge School Dist 142Cook3,158,2243,796,668638,444
Schiller Park School Dist 81Cook2,250,7722,889,716638,944
Homewood School District 153Cook4,032,2484,690,570658,322
Lansing School District 158Cook9,520,29910,188,990668,691
Warren Twp High Sch Dist 121Lake4,470,5605,146,464675,903
Alop Sch-Lake RoeLake2,272,8882,955,477682,589
Ball Chatham C U School Dist 5Sangamon5,638,6766,321,498682,822
Kirby School Dist 140Cook3,141,1653,837,741696,576
Beach Park C C School Dist 3Lake7,331,3188,028,011696,693
Zion Elementary School District 6Lake14,870,66415,581,506710,842
Flossmoor School District 161Cook4,574,5835,287,306712,724
Zion-Benton Twp H S Dist 126Lake8,438,5519,151,770713,219
Belleville School Dist 118St Clair16,011,45116,726,809715,358
Lyons School Dist 103Cook5,275,9716,023,829747,858
Grayslake Comm High Sch Dist 127Lake7,977,1058,727,618750,513
Grant Comm H S District 124Lake2,983,2753,759,292776,017
Thornton Fractional T H S D 215Cook15,499,59216,292,323792,731
Big Hollow School Dist 38Lake3,150,4363,952,725802,289
Indian Springs School Dist 109Cook10,500,91211,303,709802,797
Berwyn South School District 100Cook17,175,59117,988,565812,974
Mchenry C C School Dist 15McHenry5,944,2826,775,647831,365
Community High School Dist 155McHenry11,261,88312,111,551849,669
Harvard C U School Dist 50McHenry9,852,26510,713,213860,948
Quincy School District 172Adams12,095,07012,957,095862,025
Homewood Flossmoor C H S D 233Cook8,298,8139,163,789864,976
Alton Comm Unit School Dist 11Madison15,235,84716,102,665866,818
Harlem Unit Dist 122Winnebago21,257,57022,137,625880,056
O Fallon C C School Dist 90St Clair6,076,5216,982,626906,106
Central Comm Unit Sch Dist 301Kane4,612,9625,528,195915,233
Alop Sch-Intermediate Service CenCook2,927,8053,861,089933,284
Sycamore C U School Dist 427Dekalb8,182,8019,152,722969,921
Antioch C C School District 34Lake3,736,4174,718,566982,150
Community High School Dist 218Cook8,877,7919,871,403993,612
Cook County School Dist 130Cook13,595,69314,631,3901,035,697
Collinsville C U Sch Dist 10Madison18,018,33319,099,4421,081,108
Cicero School District 99Cook89,098,69490,346,2051,247,511
Crete Monee C U School Dist 201UWill11,627,08912,899,6481,272,559
Bremen Comm H S District 228Cook18,179,61519,538,4731,358,858
Oak Lawn-Hometown Sch Dist 123Cook3,529,8744,934,1881,404,313
Grayslake C C School District 46Lake8,707,12710,411,5931,704,466
Huntley Cons School Dist 158McHenry20,240,67621,952,9961,712,320
Waukegan C U School Dist 60Lake97,350,43399,087,0081,736,575
Wauconda Comm Unit S Dist 118Lake7,365,9969,201,8131,835,817
Mascoutah C U District 19St Clair12,265,17414,156,8491,891,675
Springfield School District 186Sangamon36,960,30138,908,6841,948,383
Woodstock C U School Dist 200McHenry13,897,25215,857,1051,959,853
Antioch Comm High Sch Dist 117Lake3,959,1885,998,5992,039,411
Minooka Comm Cons S Dist 201Grundy6,687,9768,748,0032,060,028
Joliet School Dist 86Will67,671,17969,833,3702,162,191
Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Kane95,057,56897,286,9562,229,388
Dekalb Comm Unit Sch Dist 428Dekalb17,864,74020,236,2692,371,530
Plainfield School Dist 202Will71,189,15273,703,8072,514,655
School District 46Kane114,573,424118,190,6443,617,220
Oswego Comm Unit School Dist 308Kendall52,044,99456,052,1164,007,122
Yorkville Comm Unit Sch Dist 115Kendall10,238,46214,831,0394,592,577
Rockford School Dist 205Winnebago109,341,546114,158,4514,816,905
Comm Unit Sch Dist 300Kane34,158,21240,070,3055,912,093

Source: Governor's office