Special projects

Interactives by type and year

Project = more involved presentation that may involve one or more of graphic types; Chart = interactive chart or charts; Graphic = static graphic suitable for embedding; Map = interactive map; Timeline = use of Knight Labs interactive timeline; List = tabular charts, most recent being sortable and responsive.

MAP: Where the primary vote flipped - 2014 to 2018.2018
MAP GIF: Opioid prescription rates by Illinois county, 2006-2016.2018
MAP: Shootings connected with schools in 2018 before the Parkland shooting.2018
MAP: Snow fall estimates in February.2018
PROJECT: Pedestrian and cyclist crashes, injuries and fatalities in the six-county area.2017
PROJECT: Presentation on participation in 80+ high school football programs around the suburbs.2017
MAP: Tracking optouts in Cook County for new minimum wage ordinance and mandate on businesses to pay employees for sick days.2017
MAP: Homeowner exemptions by township.2017
LIST: Vendors in the five-county area owed money by Illinois as part of their $14.7 billion bill backlog.2017
LIST MAP: Analysis of Census 2016 population estimates, compared to 2010 and 20142017
LIST: How much schools are holding in reserve.2017
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct analysis of the 2016 election results vs. primary results/ 2016
CHART: Suburban schools lead tests2016
CHART: Avg. teacher, admin salaries2016
CHART: Olympic medal count2016
GRAPHIC: O'Hare runway rotation2016
LIST: State money for school districts2016
MAP: Top suburban fireworks2016
LIST: Liquor license revenues by town2016
GRAPHIC: June is peak tornado month locally2016
LIST: School districts contract lengths2016
CHART: Library spending, materials vs. personnel2016
LIST: Library spending, by library2016
LIST: Datatables version of tax error list2016
LIST: Datatables version of Gov. Rauner proposed school spending list2016
LIST: Gov. Rauner proposed school spending2016
LIST: Township road district reserves2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct results for the Democratic Primary2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct results for the Republican Primary2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct look at Democratic primary voters vs. Republican primary voters2016
MAP: Contributions to Republican Presidential candidates2016
MAP: Contributions to Democratic Presidential candidates2016
LIST: Area high schoolers in community college remediation classes2016
LIST: Fittest loser teams updates: pulls from Google sheets2016
LIST: Fittest loser weekly updates: pulls from google sheets2016
CHART: Schaumburg ticketing, with custom tooltip2016
LIST: Suburban water quality, by agency and municipality2016
LIST: Municipal debts, actual and percents2016
MAP: Did crashes decrease due to red-light cameras?2016
MAP: Crashes with injuries at red-light camera intersections2016
GRAPHIC: Baby Face Nelson and the Battle of Barrington2015
MAP: Gliniewicz's final moments2015
TIMELINE: the Gliniewicz investigation2015
CHART: Lake County wellness costs2015
GRAPHIC: ACT results and low income2015
GRAPHIC: PARCC, ACT college readiness comparied2015
GRAPHIC: Diverging diamond2015
GRAPHIC: Partial PARCC results2015
MAP: Red light camera revenue2015
GRAPHIC: Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment2015
TIMELINE: Decades of pension mismanagement2015
MAP GRAPHIC: Zion shooting2015
MAP: Distracted drivers in the suburbs2015
MAP: School finance plan winners and losers2015
MAP: Super Bowl blizzard2015
CHARTS: Winter of 20142014
MAP: Holiday lights2014
LIST: College readiness2014
LIST: Municipal telecommunications tax2014
LIST: Video gambling revenue2014
LIST: Political views with jquery UI2014
GRAPHIC: Metra fares2014
TIMELINE: Flight 2322014
LIST: Share of gas taxes2014
MAP: Hazmat incidents2014
MAP: Marijuana dispensary districts2014
CHART: Pensions vs. salaries2014
MAP: Suburban schools with highest percent of homeless students2014
CHART: Increase in homeless students2014
MAP: Percent taxes returned to towns2014
MAP: Change in lottery sales by zip code2014
MAP: 50 state marathons2014
MAP: Proposed Elk Grove Village TIF district2014
MAP: Elgin-O'Hare Western Bypass2014
MAP: 2014 primary results for governor, senate2014
MAP: 2014 road construction2014
MAP: O'Hare noise complaints2014
MAP: Median income by county2014
MAP: Change in township property taxes2014
MAP: New Illinois legislative boundaries2014
MAP: Flood insurance premiums2014
MAP: Best suburban hot dogs2014
LIST: Suburban FOIA requests2014
TIMELINE: The search for Tom Karambelas2014
CHART: Snowfall2014
CHART: Pension bonus2014
CHART: January cold2014
LIST: ACT college readiness2014
LIST: District property taxes per student2014
CHART: Number of days with a trace of snow2014
LIST: School poverty rates2013
CHART MAP: Barrington D220 tax rebate2013
CHART: Change in Senior Freeze tax exemption2013
MAP: FOID requirements by state2013
MAP: FOID cards per capita2013

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